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Editor and Camera Operator: Esme Warren & Produced by Jack Pepper Media ltd 


Documentary   |  90 mins  |  2023  |  4K | Coming soon

Simply ask yourself, has there ever been a time when an audience is given the opportunity to have an all-inclusive, no-holds-barred insight into a man’s life story... and especially when it comes to the ‘rock ‘n roller’ of the literary world? ‘Choose Irvine Welsh’ is just that documentary – one that gives and encapsulates the spoils of life and the grit of what many experienced in working-class Britain from the post-Thatcher era in the 90s and on.

For the first time, Irvine Welsh, to international recognition as an accredited best-selling author has been captured on film. Detailing everything from his writing to his legacy, from this documentary, you’ll see why Welsh deserves to be crowned ‘the coolest of cats’. A real-life, crime-writing, advocator of filthy sex novels and a mid-town life junkie..... call him what you will, there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to Welsh.

There’s not a living soul in the Western world that hasn’t heard of Trainspotting, but here, Choose Irvine Welsh will take you beyond a one-stop experience - the reality of a documentary on the main man Choose Irvine Welsh!

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