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Co-Director & Editor: Esme Warren & OTOXO Productions 


Social Documentary   |  30 min  |  2022  |  HD | 

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In September 2021, a group of parents joined forces to fight for urban safety, community, and a greener Barcelona for their kids. From there, they’ve grown one quaint bike path into a nine-route revolution – infusing dozens of children with a sense of ownership of their community and excitement for the school day to come. The results are astounding, but the work isn’t done yet. With bureaucratic gatekeepers and a city full of cars holding the keys to true change, activists and parents are pushing to grow the movement even further, for a better future.

'The 'Bicibús', happiness made into activism in a documentary' - El Jardí

'Pedaling into the future: the phenomenon of the bicycle bus comes to the big screen' - Línia Eixample

'The documentary 'Bicibús' brings to the big screen unprecedented images of the school movement' - Betevé

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